Assistance and negotiation of all types of Mexican and International transactions in order to comply with the intellectual property, environmental and immigration regulations.

Within the services which are offered in this area are found the following:

  • Corporate:
    Compliance with the regulations and formalities with respect to:
    • Establishment of subsidiaries.
    • Joint ventures/Shelters
    • Strategic alliances.
    • Commercial and distribution arrangements.
    • Formal structure and registration of commercial contracts, corporate bylaws, powers of attorney, certificates, ordinary and extraordinary shareholder meetings.
  • Intellectual Property:
    Protection and registration of the rights derived from:
    • Patents
    • Industrial designs.
    • Profit models
    • Trademarks and commercial names.
    • Commercial and industrial secrets.
    • Slogans
    • Designations of origin.
    • Unfair competition.
    • Copyrights
    • Transfers of technology.
    • Franchises.
    • Innovations and new technologies.
    • Investigation and development.
    • Know-how and other rights of innovation and creativity considered as intangible assets for you or your company.
  • Environmental:
    \nSimilarly, in environmental matters, we are meticulous about our clients complying with all of the environmental regulations, specifically with the General Law of Environmental Protection and Ecological Equilibrium, which puts special emphasis on the treatment which must be given to the air, water, waste and hazardous waste, noise, vibrations, thermal energy, electricity and pollution.
  • Immigration:
    \nIn immigration matters, we provide services to foreigners so that they comply with all of the immigration laws as the same relate to their work permits, residence and citizenship.

Our corporate practice group is linked with the other legal areas to ensure that the decisions taken do not only take into account strictly corporate factors, but also tax, customs, labor, intellectual property and other legal aspects which apply to and regulate companies.