Foreign Commerce & Customs

Preparation of the grounds for legal defense, from the presentation of evidence and allegations, recourses, nullity lawsuits, constitutional lawsuits and all types of pleadings which the proceeding may require.

Within the services which are offered in this area are found the following:

  • Defense of proceedings of fact and administrative proceedings in customs matters ("PAMA’S").
  • The obtainment of importation and exportation permits.
  • The obtainment and extension of permits.
  • Tax reviews and revisions of foreign merchandise documents (foreign commerce audits).
  • Analysis and application of benefits derived from the different free trade agreements entered into by Mexico in foreign commerce matters.

As an ancillary service to the above, we offer the services of a customs agency, the same providing specialized support in foreign commerce for the carrying out of international transactions in the importation as well as exportation of goods.

Within the services which are offered in this area are found the following:

Customs Procedures:

  • Temporary and/or permanent importations and exportations.
  • Re-issuance of merchandise
  • Assistance and contracting of services of land, air and marine transport.

Specialized services to maquiladora and PITEX companies:

  • Consolidated port to port importation manifests.
  • Industrial sector promotion programs.
  • Rule 8va
  • Mexican market sales.
  • "Just in time" inventories.
  • Goods transfers.

Assistance and Consulting:

  • Deferment in the payment of taxes.
  • Registrations with the programs of the Secretariat of the Economy and other agencies.
  • Marketing companies.

Other services:

  • Registrations in all of the specific importation registries.
  • Correspondents throughout the Mexican Republic.
  • The processing of permits for transportation equipment.
  • Assistance with respect to household furniture.