Recommendations and strategies in tax matters in order to take advantage of the existing benefits and/or fiscal stimuli.

Within the services which are offered in this area are found the following:

  • Mergers.
  • Spin-Offs.
  • Acquisition.
  • Consolidations.
  • Securities transactions.
  • Sales.
  • Lease and transfer of the assets of a company.
  • Financing projects.
  • Compensatory plans.
  • International treaties..
  • Defense of client's tax interests:
    • Confirmations of criteria
    • Consultations
    • Administrative resources
    • Nullity lawsuits
    • Constitutional lawsuits
    • Petitions for revision or complaints

In the tax area we handle tax planning, negotiation and litigation at the local as well as the federal level.

The most common taxes in Mexico are:

  • Municipal taxes:
    • Property tax.
  • State taxes:
    • Payroll tax.
  • Federal taxes:
    • Income tax ("ISR")
    • Value added tax ("IVA")
    • Only excise rate
    • Social Security contributions
    • Worker retirement fund contributions ("SAR")
    • Contributions to the worker housing fund ("INFONAVIT").