Notary Public

We offer notary services in order to guaranty to our clients sufficient legal security and protection in all of their business transactions and legal acts.

Within the services which are offered in this area are found the following:

  • Corporate Operations
    • Formation, transformation, dissolution, liquidation, merger and spin-off of commercial and civil companies.
    • Assistance and preparation of ordinary and extraordinary shareholder meeting minutes, of partners, associates or shareholders.
    • Meeting minutes of the board of directors.
    • Formalizing powers of attorney and representation instruments.
    • Commission, distribution, maquiladora and PITEX contracts, etc.
    • Legalization and/or ratification of the same all forms of contracts.
  • Financial transactions
    • Formalization of credit, financing, provisions.
    • Recognition of debt.
    • Authorization of mortgages and/or collateral and in general any type of real or personal guaranty authorized by the law, as well as the liberation of the same.
  • Real Estate operations
    • Preparation and formalization of purchase and sale contracts of real estate, leases, bailment, financing, mortgages, trusts, among others.
    • Judicial or extra judicial probate proceedings.
    • Authorization of wills
  • Other services:
    • Matters related to the establishment of industries, businesses or residences in recognition of the permitted and restricted zones in accordance with the Foreign Investment Law.
    • Chain of title studies and assessment services.
    • Judicial or extra-judicial procedures under voluntary jurisdiction.